One of the most difficult skills to master as an artist is realism. When it comes to tattooing, a skilled realistic tattoo artist can apply this knowledge to virtually any subject or style, ensuring their services are kept in high demand.

The Charles Bargue method, is a method of teaching realism drawing that anyone can learn, regardless of previous art experience. This method, based on the teaching model developed by Charles Bargue, was widely used in the French Academy in the 19th and early-20th centuries, and centers around students copying instructional plates developed by the artist.

The goal in this workshop is to help students to improve their observational skills and learn to deconstruct complex visual information into large and small forms and shadows and light.

This hands-on learning is a 2.5 hour workshop thought by award-winning artist Gerry O’Donnell. Gerry studied Academic drawing and painting at the Edinburgh School of Realist Art and has studied with some of the great masters of academic drawing and painting such as Juliette Aristides.

In this workshop, you will:
– Be introduced to the Charles Bargue Method
– Acquire an understanding of shape, proportion, value and form using one-to-one ratio and comparative measure
– Leave feeling inspired to draw and to continue developing your realism skills

Join us in store for this three hour workshop with up to 8 participants. Bookings are essential and payments are non-refundable. Please note: Times and dates are subject to change.


Freestylr Tattoo Studio
Westfield Helensvale Shopping Centre (Near Woolworths)
1-29 Millaroo Drive
Helensvale QLD