How to save money on tattoos

1. Get it right the first time. Quality tattoos can be expensive, but cover-ups and laser are even more expensive.

2. Research, research, research. … and I don’t mean bargain hunt. Research for quality first, then price. When you find quality and the price is within your budget, then you’ve found the artist for you.

3. Timing. Believe it or not there is a slow season for tattoos. During the winter months some artists have a harder time filling up their schedule, so they might be more inclined to quote your tattoo a little cheaper. I do.

4. Creative freedom. Artists love a little artistic freedom. When you give an artist an idea and let them run with it they are sometimes more inclined to charge less for these types of pieces. I always give an hour or two extra for free.

5. Choose an artists design. Many artists have designs and artwork they’ve done in their free time and are itching to put them to skin. In many cases, artists will do deals and special offers on these.

6. Consultations are free, email me to set up a time for you.

Tattoos can be expensive, yes; nobody wants to overpay for anything – everyone wants a deal. But the thing is, if you do your research and find an artist who is doing quality work, the price is relative.

Here’s a great video that explains why tattoos cost what they cost:

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