Halloween Flash Day Event: Tattoos from $80.


Freestylr Halloween Flash Day: Tattoos From $80!


Courtney, Liezyl, Qing & Chelsea will be tattooing at this event.


Over 100 designs will be available to choose from, and range in size, subject, style and complexity. Designs are as-is (no changes). No BYO designs. All designs will be available for $80-$120.


Freestylr Tattoo Helensvale (Westfield Helensvale Shopping Centre)


Wednesday, 31st October 2018 from 9am


  • Designs will be available to view in the shop windows the morning of the event
  • Choose design and note the artist name and design number
  • First in, first serve; no advanced bookings
  • Registration opens at 8:45am, tattooing kicks off at 9am
  • Full cash payment is required at registration
  • There are no refunds once you register
  • Come back at your designated time for your tattoo!

While we do everything in our power to schedule appointments accurately and fit in as many people as possible; due to the nature of tattooing, sometimes we get behind (or ahead) of schedule. We recommend to clear your day if possible or ensure you are first in line if you mush finish at a specific time. We will endeavour to ring you if we can see that your appointment will be pushed back more than half an hour, so please ensure you are available to answer.


Where can I see what designs are available?
We’ll be posting ‘sneak previews’ on our Facebook event page to give you guys an idea of what will be available, but the full sheets will only be revealed in the studio windows the morning of the event.

What price will the flash be?
A variety of designs will be available from $80-$120.

Can I make changes to the designs? What about making them smaller/bigger?
No, sorry, all designs are as is. Exception: a design in colour can be tattooed in black and grey (but not the other way around); the price stays the same.

Will all the flash be available ALL day?
All designs can, and most probably will, be tattooed multiple times during the day.

Can I get tattooed more than once on the day?

Should I line up?
Yes! Tattoos will happen on a first in, first served basis, so if you want to be certain of getting in, we’d recommend you come down EARLY and line up. Some of our events see people lining up as early as 3:00am and they always draw a crowd.

What time can I start lining up?
That’s up to you. Last event there were people out front as early as 3:00am. Crazy!

Can I book in advance?
No, however, we will begin registration from 8:45am, at which time we will give you an estimated appointment time for later in the day.

Can I be assured of getting tattooed if I turn up?
We’ll try to get to absolutely everybody, but obviously can’t be sure how many people will be here on the day. If you want to be certain, get here first.

Can I choose what time of day I get tattooed?
Unfortunately not. To enable us to see everyone that wants to be seen, we’ll be slotting people in with the artists in the order that they arrive and line up. That may mean you will have a period of time between when you first register and when you actually start tattooing.

Do I have to leave a deposit when I register for my tattoo in the morning?
All tattoos must be paid for IN FULL when you register. With the number of clients in and out the door all day, it’s a logistical pain in the ass to take deposits in the morning and then the balance of each throughout the day. Plan ahead and come armed with cash when you first turn up.

How can I pay?
Our studio is cash only, and as such does NOT have facilities to take payments via credit or debit card. There is a bank literally next door to us however.

What am I supposed to do while I’m waiting?
Shop! Grab a brew at a pub nearby? (we didn’t say that!).

I don’t finish work until 5pm? Can I still get tattooed?
Call us before you come down after work and we’ll be able to tell you what each artist’s day is looking like. They want to tattoo and will do their best to tattoo you all.

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