102 Colour Theory for Tattoos Workshop $100

Colour tattoo designs can easily look muddy or difficult to interpret without the knowledge and proper application of colour theory. Being able to identify why a design is difficult to read, and understanding how to avoid it is a necessity for any tattoo artists toolkit.

In this two-hour hands-on workshop you will learn:
– The basics of colour theory and how to apply this to tattoo designs.
– What is hue, tone, tint, shade, value, colour harmony, and colour temperature.
– Difference between warm and cool colours, how to identify them
– The role of temperature in distancing an object and creating contrast.

All the knowledge you will gain is fundamental, so you can continue at home and apply to your tattoos and tattoo designs.

Join us in store for this intimate two-hour workshop with up to 8 participants. Bookings are essential and payments are non-refundable. Please note that dates and times are subject to change.


Freestylr Tattoo Studio
Westfield Helensvale Shopping Centre (Near Woolworths)
1-29 Millaroo Drive
Helensvale QLD