Designed to embrace the client and nurture the artists, our studio is a state-of-the-art place of pleasure situated in a first-class shopping destination.

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About Us

Your uncle may have wandered down a dark ally only to get a greenish swallow on his forearm, but thankfully, you don’t need to. Highly sophisticated and designed with both artist and client in mind, at Freestylr Tattoo we provide high class service and refined tattoos in a beautiful, high-end environment.

Welcome to Freestylr.

A Closer Look

Our Artists

Marco Ventura

An art style that cannot be easily defined, Marco’s designs are bursting with loose lines and flow, and are anything but rigid. His favourite motifs include female faces, flowers, animals and more. Finished with broad brushstrokes, ink splatter and a hint of cubism, Marco’s designs are loaded with style. His service is world class and his abilities and talents are vast and unique. Click here to see Marcos latest work.

Uly Chacon

Our budding apprentice, Uly has that cruisy, cool Brazilian air about him, and his love for the ocean and passion for surfing shine through in his art. From Uly, you can expect many odes to paradise landscapes; think waves, palm trees, sunsets, ocean creatures and anything that would make a nature or travel lover smile. Click here to see Uly’s latest work.

Private: Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing is a fast-growing art form and due to popular demand, you can now achieve the look you want at Freestylr Tattoo Studio.

Our experienced technician Elise Kasper has been in the aesthetics industry for 15 years and is sponsored by German permanent makeup manufacturing company Purebeau. Elise is passionate about helping you achieve your best look and in doing so, only uses the highest quality pigments and equipment.

Whether it’s a feather-touch or ombré brow, eye enhancement, eye liner, or lip blush; Elise has the knowledge, skill and experience you deserve.

On Creativity

“When the designs are chosen with care, tattoos have a power and a magic all their own. They decorate the body, but they also enhance the soul.”

What’s New

Happy Clients

“Had a great experience getting my neck tattooed by Paul, he made sure everything was perfect before starting and made sure my experience was as comfortable as possible. In the end I got a super rad tattoo and had a time whilst getting it. Had a great overall experience and the staff and atmosphere is amazing.”

Marc Hunt

Excellent! Always a good time going into see the staff. Freestylr have done five tattoos on me and it has always been a good time! Love the service always a good laugh hanging with the boys. Highly recommend!

Jacob Henderson